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Immersive hypertext editing is as different from emacs html mode, CVS, and all that as playing video games is different from edit/compile/test software development. If you're in a groove, and you hit ctrl-v to paste, and the window scrolls down a screenful instead, it's like you were watching a movie and suddenly a microphone dropped down into view, interrupting your suspension of disbelief.

For example, with Amaya, you can

  • start editing any page you can browse, in direct-manipulation fashion (no HTML coding)
  • save into the same space you browse in (no need to make up local file names)
  • follow links while you're editing.

Contrast with PoorMansHypertext.

This is something of a ProxyTopic for Tim Berners-Lee - Editing User Interface

You can drag-n-drop links from firefox into evolution's compose window. That's how DanConnolly composed an audit of dawg-comments. But then evolution doesn't include the links in the text/plain alternative (mozilla thunderbird does, but it doesn't know that IntegrityIsJobOne) and the w3c list archive stuff or throws away the text/html alternative, so the links don't show up in the archive. Sigh. Almost!

Mozilla has a decent HTML editor, but it doesn't put it into the loop the same way; it takes many clicks/keystrokes to be able to start editing the page you were just viewing. Changing this shouldn't require serious work for someone who knows their way around mozilla... it's more an issue of getting people see that a "Start to Edit This Page" menu option and keystroke would be a Good Thing.

Of course so little of the web lets you edit it, people see little reason for it. It would be a good start if Wikis let you edit the HTML if you happen to have Amaya/Mozilla/etc. How could this be done? It would require:

  1. Either a way to get rid of the wiki framing (header and footer),

or just very clear

markings to keep them separate.
  1. A precise bi-directional mapping between (some version of) HTML and
  (some version of) wiki text.  Probably best to make a 3rd carefully
  design structured-text format and map them both to that.

See StructuredTextOntology.

If you must edit XHTML or RDF/XML source... xmlhack: James Clark unveils a new XML mode for GNU Emacs

An other free XHTML editor... [1] by John Foone

hmm... I (DanConnolly) just started a draft using evolution's HTML composing support on my desktop, but I can't edit that from my laptop nor my wearable. For example:

I tried editing a wiki topic on my wearable; I failed to post it for some reason; had to mail it back to myself and clean up on the laptop. Not that bad a process, really, considering my the mail user agent on my gizmo, like many MUAs, knows that IntegrityIsJobOne: in-progress drafts survive reboots and such.


WordPress �€� About - direct-manipulation blogpost editor, with live demo

Nvu - The Complete Web Authoring System for Linux qemacs -- direct-manipulation XHTML/CSS2 editing.

Monkey Journal -- a blog editor

The Man in Blue > widgEditor: A simple, standards-compliant WYSIWYG HTML editor

A powerfull XHTML editor [2] by Devy Lee

WYSIWYG XHTML Editor Tiny MCE XHTML editor by web

Veryp XHTML Editor too Wym by Agence

Kupu, Rich Web Text Editing with Kupu by Robert Jones 04/28/2005