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Linking Open Drug Data (LODD)

Project Description

There is much interesting information about drugs that is available on the Web. The sources of data range from impacts of the drugs on gene expression, through to the results of clinical trials. This project focuses on linking the various sources of drug data together to answer interesting scientific and business questions. More on project Deliverables and Roadmap.

The figure below shows part of the data sets that have been published and interlinked by the project so far, within the Linked Data cloud. These data sets are represented in dark gray, while light gray represents other Linked Data from the life sciences, and white indicates interlinked datasets. Collectively, the data sets consist of over 8 million RDF triples, which are interlinked by more than 370,000 RDF links (As of August 2009). More details are available on the datasets page.


A highlight of this project is using state-of-the-art semantic link discovery techniques for interlinking the published datasets. More on the interlinking methodology can be found on the Interlinking page.

One of the main goals of this project is investigating use cases that demonstrate how researchers in life science, as well as physicians and patients can take advantage of the connected data sets. Read more about some of the use cases.



Project Pages


  • Anja Jentzsch (Freie Universitat Berlin)
  • Eric Prud'hommeaux (W3C)
  • Susie Stephens (Johnson & Johnson Pharmaceutical Research & Development)
  • Bosse Anderssen (AZ)
  • M. Scott Marshall (University of Amsterdam)
  • Chris Bizer (Freie Universitat Berlin)
  • Glen Newton (National Research Council Canada)
  • Michel Dumontier (Carleton University)
  • TN Bhat (NIST)
  • Oktie Hassanzadeh (University of Toronto)
  • Matthias Samwald (DERI)
  • Jun Zhao (University of Oxford)
  • Egon Willighagen (Uppsala University)
  • Janos Hajagos (Stony Brook University School of Medicine)
  • Claus Stie Kallesøe (Lundbeck)

If you have any questions please contact Susie Stephens