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GRDDL is a technique for using XML/XHTML dialects as CustomRdfDialects.

Implementations of the core GRDDL algorithm that participate in test result reporting in the GRDDL working group:

Other implementations, possibly ongoing:

  • grddljs, Dan Connolly's Javascript implementation started around Aug 2007
  • Swignition includes mostly complete support for GRDDL as of Jan 2009. Supports transformations in XSLT1 and RDF-EASE. Planned support for ECMAScript transformations.
  • Support in TopBraid Composer was originally announced Tuesday, November 07, 2006 by Holger Knublauch. In a July 2007 update, Holger says they plan to replace their implementation with the GRDDL Reader for Jena.

These seem to be less actively maintained:


  • The Semantic Web Client Library allows SPARQL queries over RDF/XML and GRDDL data sources. The GRDDL support is based on Jeremy's library.
  • a Greasemonkey script allows to load RDF data from XHTML pages. by Alf Eaton, script Last-Modified 23 Aug 2005 22:10:37 GMT; announced the next day.
  • OpenLink Data Explorer (ODE), Web browser plug-in version (Firefox only, so far), rides atop the Virtuoso Sponger (configurable to use other GRDDLers).

Online services: