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Pseudo-classes ::first-line

The ::first-line pseudo-element describes the contents of the first formatted line of an element.


selector::first-line{ preperties }

Point, Note

  • Note that the length of the first line depends on a number of factors, including the width of the page, the font size, etc.
  • In CSS, the ::first-line pseudo-element can only have an effect when attached to a block-like container such as a block box, inline-block, table-caption, or table-cell.
  • The ::first-line pseudo-element is similar to an inline-level element, but with certain restrictions. The following CSS properties apply to a ::first-line pseudo-element:
    • font properties
    • color property
    • background properties
    • ‘word-spacing’
    • ‘letter-spacing’
    • ‘text-decoration’
    • ‘vertical-align’
    • ‘text-transform’
    • ‘line-height’



   text-transform: uppercase;


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CSS defines the ::first-line pseudo-element in 7.1. The ::first-line pseudo-element.