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user-oriented version of AboutThisService

as FAQs to gather information, maybe refactor to "About" style later

  • What does ESW Wiki stand for these days?

(should go on front page)

  • What's its purpose?

The overarching aim of the project is thus to provide, through all appropriate means, a body of answers to questions that have to date gone unanswered, and to foster grassroots communities within which such concerns are addressed. - SWAD-Europe project proposal

  • Who can use the Wiki?

anyone interested in related material?

  • What is considered in scope?
  • What is the copyright policy of this wiki? Is it open content? public domain, GFDL, or Creative Commons-licensed?
  • What other conventions are there?

creating a PersonPage

link to wiki content styles?

  • Which groups are associated with this Wiki?
  • SWAD
  • SWIG
  • QA
  • HCLS
  • SWEO
  • schema folks?
  • security folks?
  • +?


  • Where do I sign up?
  • Who runs this Wiki?

The Semantic Web Advanced Development and Quality Assurance groups at the W3C

  • Where do I report bugs/make request features?

new page(s) needed?

  • Where can I find out more technical details?


(see also SystemServices - current status?)

  • Where can I get extra help for something not covered here?