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There are a number of services running on the system aside from the wiki you're gazing at. Should you happen to be in a position to know what they are, please add them to this list and sign your wiki name.

  • ESW Wiki
  • The Jetty 5.0 Java servlet container runs:
    • At-A-Glance, which is proxied to a Java servlet (EricMiller, RyanLee)
    • SIMILE Longwell / W3C TR demo, which is proxied to a Java servlet (RyanLee)
    • These are not yet running from this system; they will be when this note is removed. If either of these fall down, the problem is either in Apache or Jetty. Use apachectl to manage Apache, or use /etc/init.d/webapps [start|stop] to manage Jetty.