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Team Comment on Web Services Enumeration (WS-Enumeration) Submission

W3C is pleased to receive the Web Services Enumeration (WS-Enumeration) Submission from BEA Systems, Computer Associates, Microsoft, Sonic Software, and Systinet, A Mercury Division.

WS-Enumeration is a SOAP-based protocol for XML elements that is suitable for traversing logs, message queues, or other linear information models.

This protocol is built using the SOAP messaging framework, both version 1.1 which is a W3C Member Submission and version 1.2 which is a W3C Recommendation. It does not define, however, a URI to identify the SOAP module defined as per the SOAP 1.2 specification.

The core concept of this protocol is an enumeration context, which allows the data source to provide a session abstraction [..] to a consumer that represents a logical cursor through a sequence of data items.

WS-Enumeration supports similar expiration and filtering capabilities as WS-Eventing, also submitted as a W3C Member Submission.

Next steps

The W3C Team will notify the Web Services Coordination Group of this Member Submission.

Author: Hugo Haas