EPUB 3 Working Group

Publication status and milestones of the EPUB 3 Working Group documents

Group publications

Document Official Publication Editors’ Draft
EPUB 3.3 Overview WG Note ED
EPUB 3.3 Candidate Rec. ED
EPUB 3.3 Reading Systems Candidate Rec. ED
EPUB Multiple-Rendition Publications 1.1 WG Note ED
EPUB 3 Text-to-Speech Enhancements 1.0 WG Note ED
EPUB 3 Structural Semantics Vocabulary 1.1 WG Note ED
EPUB Accessibility 1.1 Candidate Rec. ED
EPUB Accessibility Techniques 1.1 WG Note ED
EPUB Accessibility EU Accessibility Act Mapping WG Note ED
EPUB Fixed Layout Accessibility n/a ED
EPUB Canonical Fragment Identifiers 1.1 n/a ED

Major planned (and realized) charter milestones

The names of the official WG documents differ from the ones listed is in the charter. Some documents from the charter have been merged or split. The transformation has been made in two steps:

  1. merge of EPUB 3.X, Packages 3.X, Content Documents 3.X, Open Container Format 3.X, and Media Overlay 3.X into one document, removing the duplications;
  2. separation the issues on Reading Systems Conformance into a separate recommendation-track document.
  3. separation of the multiple rendering specification into its own Working Group Note, thereby simplifying the (new) content document

These steps resulted in the EPUB 3.3 and the EPUB 3.3 Reading Systems documents. The EPUB Accessibility document remained, in this respect, unchanged. All these changes were purely editorial.