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Data Catalog Vocabulary/Resource Guide

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General reading on Open Government Data

Proposed standards for data catalogs

Vocabularies for describing datasets and catalogs

  • DERI's dcat is a vocabulary for describing government datasets and data catalogs.
  • CTIC's Dataset Catalog Vocabulary is a simple vocabulary that provides classes for catalogs and datasets.
  • DERI's voiD is a vocabulary for describing datasets available in RDF format (but not for other formats).
  • SCOVO and SDMX-RDF are vocabularies for describing statistical datasets (but not other kinds of datasets).

Data catalogs in RDF

This section lists data catalogs that are already available in RDF.

Data catalogs in non-RDF formats

This section lists some examples of data catalogs that are available in other, non-RDF formats.

Federated data catalogs

  • Sunlight Labs National Data Catalog
  • Guardian's World Government Data

Lists of data catalogs

Data catalog software implementations

Open-source software for running data catalogs—they could implement dcat