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The Second Screen Community Group Is Reborn

At TPAC 2013, the Second Screen Community Group was created to incubate an idea of making secondary screens first-class citizens on the Web. The Community Group produced an early version of the Presentation API specification that was used as a starting point for the Second Screen Working Group‘s formal standards work that commenced in 2014. The API that started its life in this Community Group is now implemented in a major browser and is advanced on the Recommendation Track.

Encouraged by the great feedback from the wider community, this Community Group was rechartered in September 2016 to do further exploratory work. Specifically, the group was chartered to incubate and develop specifications of network protocols that implement the Presentation API and the Remote Playback API.  The renewed mission of this Community Group is to enable protocol-level interoperability, encourage more implementations, and to establish complementary specifications.

Join the Community Group to shape the future of the web-connected screens around you!

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