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Payments in WordPress

The WordPress Recipes Demo uses a standard installation of WordPress to demonstrate what a for-profit recipe blog might look like in practice using the PaySwarm standard. The basic premise is that a blogger could depend on the recipes that they create and publish to make a modest living. The ingredients and general description of the recipe is provided, but in order to see the directions on how to make the recipe, a small fee must be paid. This creates a nice give-take balance between the chef and the reader. It allows the reader to know whether they would like to know more about the recipe by perusing some basic information, whether or not they have the ingredients on hand, and a general idea of what is involved in the recipe. This approach also allows the chef to entice the reader to purchase the recipe without giving away the entire recipe for free, thus enabling them to make a living from their craft over the Web.

If you would like to see PaySwarm in action, this is the best place to start.

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