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“Vague but exciting…”

CERN archivist Anita Hollier points me to the “World Wide Web (archives)” section of the CERN document server. It lists many documents that I’m sure would be of great interest to this group, but not much of them is available (yet). However, there is an early version of Tim’s seminal paper: “Information management – a proposal” (PDF). There are other versions of it linked from the “original proposal of the WWWW” page at W3C, but not as nice as this one, which is scanned from a paper printout including handwritten annotations, like “Vague but exciting…”, “Nice idea” (about links), “This is like e-mail, but who will implement and port all the user agents?” or “But it complicates life for the busy user”. Anita (who I warmly thank) tells me they’re from Mike Sendall, Tim’s boss at the time. How right he was.


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