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WebDX CG work mode


As described in its charter, work in the WebDX Community Group is currently divided into two workstreams:

  1. The research workstream focuses on shared research to make available quantitative and qualitative data to all aspects of the web platform feature life cycle. This includes discussions on surveys that e.g. may run as MDN short surveys. Efforts are being tracked through issues in the web-platform-dx/developer-research repository.
  2. The feature set workstream explores the set of interoperable features of the web platform. This includes discussions on feature grouping, naming, and implementation status across browsers, published in the web-features NPM package. See the web-platform-dx/feature-set repository for code and open discussions.


The WebDX Community Group currently meets every other week on Thursdays at 4PM UTC (3PM UTC when US and Europe switch to daylight saving time). See W3C WebDX CG General Meeting entries in the group’s calendar for details. Meeting calls are open to WebDX Community Group participants. You may join the WebDX Community Group from the group’s home page.

Meeting agenda and meeting minutes are available in a Google document.

Communication channels

On top of meetings and GitHub repositories, the group also uses:

  • Its public mailing-list (with public archives) for announcements, including meeting invitations, and other discussions that would not be a good fit for either of the workstreams.
  • Its internal mailing-list (with participants-restricted archives) for logistics purpose.
  • A Matrix channel to exchange ideas.

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