Case studies

From WAI-Engage: Web Accessibility Community Group

Web accessibility is increasingly important to businesses of all types and sizes. We invite you to add your stories to these and share with the growing community of global practitioners.

We are particularly interested in:

  • Case studies with data that shows the benefits of accessibility, such as increased traffic, more completed web transactions, more sales, etc. For example, NPR and Legal & General Group.
  • Case studies from around the world.
  • Case studies that show negatives and then positives. For example, acknowledge that the organization didn't address accessibility sufficiently at first and say how it negatively impacted brand image, sales, or other; then after the organization addressed accessibility better, show the benefits gained, such as positive brand image, sales, or other.

Business Case Studies

  • Barclays Bank Case Study demonstrates the broad benefits that accrue to companies that commit to accessibility and invest in it.
  • Accessibility at Google drawn from an article in FastCompany online magazine, some examples of how designing for accessibility drives innovation.
  • Legal & General Group shows that accessibility doubled visitor numbers, cut maintenance costs by two thirds, and increased natural search traffic by 50%. (2007, UK)
  • Tesco states that £35 thousand GBP to build website yielded £13 million GBP per year in resultant revenue. (2004, UK)

Share Your Case Study

To add your business case study to this wiki:

  • Create a new page and add the link to it above.
  • Or send it to and we will post it here.