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ArchivedCase Study of Accessibility Benefits:
Legal & General Group (L&G)

This page is part of an older version of The Business Case for Digital Accessibility and made available here for archival purposes.

This page is part of the Resources for Developing a Web Accessibility Business Case for Your Organization.

“The new site has almost doubled the number of visitors seeking quotes and buying Legal & General financial products online. It has cut maintenance costs by two thirds and increased the amount of natural search traffic we get by half as much again.”

(Caroline Fawcett, L&G Customer Experience Director9)

About the business

Established as a life assurance provider in 1836 (and exclusively for those belonging to the legal profession until 1929), the Legal & General Group (L&G) provides over 6.5 million1 people with life assurance, investment plans, pensions and general insurance policies in the UK. The group is responsible for the investment of over £180 billion GBP2 worldwide on behalf of investors, policyholders and institutions.

Website visitor numbers

www.legalandgeneral.com, 13,000 visitors per month as of March 20063

Accessibility changes

Implemented: 31st July 20054

Measures taken:

A new site was designed and built, seeking to ensure conformation to all relevant accessibility standards, successful passing usability testing and evaluation by users with disabilities5 before going live in Summer 2005.


Additional benefits


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