ISSUE-118: Context Informaton in Activity Proposals


Context Informaton in Activity Proposals

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Steve Zilles
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In Section 5.6 Activity Proposals there is the following,
"Context information. Why is this Activity being proposed now? What is the situation in the world (e.g., with respect to the Web community, market, research, or society)? within the scope of the proposal? Who or what currently exists that is pertinent to this Activity? Is the community mature/growing/developing a niche? What competing technologies exist? What competing organizations exist?"

Issue: Should this information be required of WG Charters?

Suggested Resolution:
Yes, similar information should be presented with a new (but noe necessarily a revision of a) charter.
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Related notes:

The discussion (on 26 August 2014) of this issue pointed out that the context information is valuable and that the current rules for proposing a charter (within an Activity) require updating the Activity Description with the relevant information. So, prima facie, this is not a new requirement for charters. It was also noted that it is not desirable to add additional requirements to charter creation and that doing such a survey (in the absence of an existing Activity survey) for each charter is "too fine grained". It was suggested that the AB discuss how they would propose that the context of the W3C Program of Work be managed. That may or may not lead to a Process modification.

Steve Zilles, 26 Aug 2014, 15:53:04

This was closed in the 2 September meeting...

Charles McCathie Nevile, 18 Sep 2014, 10:50:11

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