ISSUE-113: Advisory Committee Review of Charter Extentions

Advisory Committee Review of Charter Extentions

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Steve Zilles
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Section 5.2 Advisory Committee Review of an Activity Proposal has the followoing:
"The Director MUST solicit Advisory Committee review of every proposal to create, substantively modify, or extend an Activity."

Issue: currently charters can be extended without review - should that be changed?

Suggested Resolution:
Delete the above text and do nothing to Section 6.

Section 6.2.5 Working Group and Interest Group Charter Extension
has as paragraph 3,
"Advisory Committee representatives MAY appeal the extension of a Working Group or Interest Group charter."
This was done as an alternative to having the AC review Charter (rather than Activity) extensions. This avoids an unnecessary delay in the work of a WG whose charter is extended. It effectively provides the same safeguard as having an AC Review of the charter extension.
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Closed with the Suggested Resolution

Steve Zilles, 26 Aug 2014, 14:26:26

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