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CG started

Welcome to the newly started “Web Media Text Tracks Community Group” – also by some called the “Captioning CG” or the “WebVTT CG”.

Our work will encompass more than just captioning and more than just WebVTT, therefore the broader title. But we will indeed have a large focus on captioning to begin with and one core aim is to make sure WebVTT offers all the features that a professional captioning format requires.

We will start discussions once representatives of the major browser vendors have joined. It is their implementation work that we want to guide through this group and their questions that we want to address.

Note that I’ve started a WebVTT twitter channel where I am planning to post about the discussion results and spec changes that we make in this CG. If anyone would like to help me with the twitter channel, let me know and I can add you as an author.

I’m looking forward to a flourishing and very productive new CG!

One Response to CG started

  • Olivier Thereaux

    Thank you for getting the ball rolling and setting up this forum for the ongoing conversation on web text tracks, Silvia.


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