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Welcome to the reference document. This is a collaborative page intended for use between all committees (and members) of the Sustainable Web Design Community Group. Each reference has been categorized by the type of content it contains (for ease of reference). If you wish to contribute a useful link, please feel free to (assuming it's web sustainability related).

Note: If you wish to use a reference within the guidelines your committee is forming (or other related materials), please use the ID link rather than the actual URL. When someone clicks an ID link they will be taken directly to this page (and it will jump to the reference so they won't have to scroll). They will then be able to click through to the website. The benefit of this method is it allows references to be shared between groups without duplication. Additionally if a URL changes, the resource dies, or if the information is no longer accurate or misleading; this page can be updated to reflect the change with a new URL or a redaction, and the change will apply anywhere it's in use reducing the maintenance overhead of the group.


ID Title Language Author Publisher Date ISBN Committee
ID Nachhaltige Websites German Beyer, Torsten Springer Gabler 2023 9783658410933 All
ID Sustainable Web Design - In 20 Lessons English Andersen, Michael SustainableWWW 2023 N/A All
ID Design after Capitalism English Wizinsky, Matthew MIT Press 2022 9780262543569 UX
ID Ecoconception web: les 115 bonnes pratiques French Bordage, Frédéric Eyrolles 2022 978-2-416-00627-2 All
ID Ecologia digitale Italian McGovern, Et al. Altreconomia 2022 9788865164464 All
ID Green Patterns - Manuel d'éco-conception des logiciels French Green Code Lab Lulu 2022 N/A All
ID Rare Metals War: the dark side of clean energy and digital technologies English Pitron, Guillaume Scribe UK 2021 978-1912854264 Infrastructure
ID Sustainable Ecommerce Handbook English Greenwood, Frick, Et al. ECM 2021 N/A Business
ID Sustainable Web Design English Greenwood, Tom A Book Apart 2021 9781952616044 (Print)
9781952616037 (eBook)
ID Digital technology and the planet English The Royal Society 2020 978-1-78252-501-1 Infrastructure
ID Ethical Design Handbook English Falbe, Frederiksen & Andersen Smashing Media 2020 978-3-945749-83-8 All
ID Little Book of Green Nudges English UNEP United Nations 2020 N/A Infrastructure
ID World Wide Waste English McGovern, Gerry Lulu 2020 9781916444621 (Print)
9781916444638 (eBook)
ID Design is the Solution English Shedroff, Nathan Nathan Shedroff 2019 N/A All
ID Community networks: The internet by the people, for the people English DC3 Internet Society 2017 978-85-9597-010-6 Infrastructure
ID Designing for Sustainability English Frick, Tim O'Reilly 2016 978-1-4919-3577-4 (Print)
978-1-4919-3571-2 (eBook)
ID Packaging Sustainability English Jedlicka, Wendy Wiley 2015 978-0-470-24669-6 (Print)
978-1-119-10386-8 (eBook)
ID High Performance Browser Networking English Ilya Grigorik O'Reilly 2013 978-1449344764 WebDev
ID Research-Based Web Design and Usability Guidelines English US HHS 2013 0-16-076270-7 UX
ID Sustainable Web Ecosystem Design English O'Toole, Greg Springer 2013 978-1-4614-7713-6 (Print)
978-1-4614-7714-3 (eBook)
ID Energy-Efficient Computing and Networking English Hatziargyriou, Et al. Springer 2010 978-3-642-19321-7 (Print)
978-3-642-19322-4 (eBook)
ID Sustainable Graphic Design English Jedlicka, Wendy Wiley 2010 978-0-470-24670-2 (Print)
978-0-470-64027-2 (eBook)
ID Design Is the Problem English Shedroff, Nathan Rosenfeld 2009 1-933820-01-2 All


ID Title Language Publisher Type Committee
ID Branch English Magazine All
ID Curiously Green English Wholegrain Digital Newsletter All
ID Green Software English Green Software Foundation Newsletter All
ID Greening Digital English Chris Adams Newsletter All
ID IETF E-Impact Discussion English IETF Newsletter All


ID Title Language Publisher Payment Committee
ID Environmental impacts of digital technologies MOOC English INRIA Free All
ID Sustainable IT MOOC English ISIT Free Infrastructure
ID Becoming a Climate Designer English Paid All
ID Certified Professional in Web Accessibility (CWPA) English IAAP Paid UX
ID Circular Economy English UnSchool Paid Business
ID Design for Sustainability & Regeneration (GEDS) English Gaia Education Paid All
ID Green Graphic Designer (Certified) English Little Fox Design Paid UX
ID Humanity-Centered Masterclass English HmntyCntrd Paid UX
ID Sustainability English UnSchool Paid All
ID Sustainable Product Management (BA) English Tomorrow University Paid All
ID Learn Accessibility English Google Free WebDev


ID Title Language Committee
ID Bits & Bäume English All
ID IEEE Sustech English Infrastructure
ID Limits English All
ID SustainableUX English UX


ID Title Language Speaker Publisher Date Type Committee
ID Web, But Green! - Wenn Internet auf Nachhaltigkeit trifft German Beyer, Torsten Dr. Beyer Internet-Beratung 2023 Podcast All
ID How to make digital services more sustainable English Smith, Hannah PHP Cambridge 2022 Video All
ID Digital Earth Experience Mark English McGovern, Gerry Gerry McGovern 2021 Video Metrics
ID How to be a djangonaut in a climate emergency English Adams, Chris DjangoCon 2021 Video WebDev
ID Understanding Sustainable Web Design English Frick, Tim Tim Frick 2021 Video All
ID Future Ethics with Cennydd Bowles at SustainableUX English Bowles, Cennydd SustainableUX 2019 Video UX
ID EuroDIG 2017 - Drowning in data English Oghia, Michael EuroDIG 2017 Video Metrics
ID Sustainability and the Web: Are We Tweeting Our Way to a Warmer Planet? English Frick, Tim Tedx 2015 Video All
ID Environment Variables English Adams, Chris Green Software Foundation 2022 Podcast All
ID Green I/O Podcast English Duez, Gaël Gaël Duez 2022 Podcast All
ID Green The Web English Daehnert, Sandy Green The Web 2022 Podcast UX
ID Sustainable UX English Lodewyckx & Jonas SUX 2022 Podcast UX
ID Sustain WP English Badiola, Nahuai Nahuai Badiola 2023 Podcast All
ID Can WordPress save the planet? English Smith, Hannah Matt Report 2022 Episode WebDev
ID Éliane Ubalijoro & David Jensen English Rushkoff, Douglas Team Human 2022 Episode All
ID Performance, Privacy, and the Open Web English Lipattsev, Andrey & Lehnen, Tim Talking Drupal 2022 Episode All
ID Website’s Carbon Footprint English McGovern, Gerry Talking Drupal 2022 Episode Metrics
ID What is sustainability? English Davis, Andy Inside Data Center 2022 Episode Infrastructure
ID Creating Sustainable Digital Products with Tom Greenwood of Wholegrain Digital English Mahonis, Jed Constant Variables 2021 Episode All
ID Why should you care about your digital carbon footprint? English Purr Tech Tip Tuesdays 2021 Episode All
ID Digital Carbon Footprint English Sarda, Riya Sustrain Daily 2020 Episode All
ID Digital Carbon Footprint & How to Measure It English Sustainability Explored Sustainability Explored 2020 Episode Metrics
ID Sustainable Design English Pallier, Sandra Redlines 2020 Episode All
ID Your digits have a footprint English Rees, Matt Climate Solutions 2020 Episode All
ID Internet’s Carbon Footprint English Zomorodi, Manoush IRL 2019 Episode All
ID Power profiling with the Firefox Profiler English Quèze, Florian Mozilla 2023 Presentation Metrics
ID How to design a green digital product English Pallier, Sandra Microsoft 2022 Presentation All
ID Sustainable WP English Varszegi, Smith, Badiola, Ferreirós, and Buijs Sustainable WP 2022 Presentation WebDev
ID Sustainability All The Way Down English Riedel, Erik Linux Foundation 2021 Presentation Infrastructure
ID Sustainable Ux in VR English Markiewicz, Pete Dr Pete Markiewicz 2017 Presentation UX



ID Title Language Committee
ID Accessible Rich Internet Applications (WAI-ARIA) 1.1 English WebDev
ID ETSI ES 203 199 - Methodology for environmental LCA of ICT goods, networks and services English Infrastructure
ID EU Data Centres Code of Conduct English Infrastructure
ID Handbook Of Sustainable Design Of Digitial Services English All
ID ISO 14067:2018 - Greenhouse gases: Carbon footprint of products English Infrastructure
ID ISO Guide 84:2020 - Guidelines for addressing climate change in standards English Infrastructure
ID Mobile Web Best Practices 1.0 English UX
ID W3C TAG Ethical Web Principles English All
ID Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.1 English All
ID Web Performance Working Group English WebDev


ID Title Language Committee
ID Data sources for calculating digital emissions English Metrics
ID DIMPACT Methodology English Metrics
ID Ecoindex Methodology French Metrics
ID An Environmental Life Cycle Approach
EU Study: Behind The Figures
English Metrics
ID Etsy's Cloud Jewels English Metrics
ID GeSI Cloud Computing and Data Center Services English Metrics
ID GSF Software Carbon Intensity English Metrics
ID IATI TCI Methodology English Metrics
ID SDIA's Digital Environmental Footprint English Metrics
ID Sustainable Web Design Methodology English Metrics


ID Title Language Committee
ID AdGreen English Business
ID Another Design English All
ID Biased by Design English UX
ID Circular Design Guide English Business
ID Circular Economy Introduction English Business
ID Climate English All
ID Climate Designers English All
ID CODES English All
ID Corporate Digital Responsibility English Business
ID CSS: In Real Life English WebDev
ID Deceptive Design English UX
ID David Mytton English All
ID Design Gigs For Good English All
ID Design Sustainably English UX
ID Eco Friendly Web Alliance English Metrics
ID Eco Innovation Manual English All
ID Ethical Design Network English UX
ID Fast Load Times Guide English WebDev
ID Gauthier Roussilhe French Metrics
ID Gerry McGovern English All
ID Green Computing Guide English Infrastructure
ID Green Design English UX
ID Green Mode Design English All
ID Green Pages English All
ID Green The Web English UX
ID Greener Design English All
ID Greener NHS English Business
ID Greenspector English All
ID Humane by Design English UX
ID Laws of UX English UX
ID LEAP English Infrastructure
ID Lowwwcarbon English UX
ID MDN Accessibility English All
ID MDN Performance English WebDev
ID MightyBytes English All
ID Nachhaltiges Webdesign German All
ID PermaComputing Principles English Infrastructure
ID Piano D Italian All
ID Planet Centric Design English UX
ID Psychology of Design English UX
ID Society Centered Design English UX
ID Steve Souders English All
ID Sustainable Design Handbook English All
ID Sustainable Dev English All
ID Sustainable Digital Infrastructure Alliance English Infrastructure
ID Sustainable UX Playbook English UX
ID Sustainable Virtual Design English All
ID Sustainable Web Design English All
ID Sustainable Web Manifesto English All
ID Sustainable WWW English All
ID Tom Jarrett English All
ID Wholegrain Digital English All


Note: While all research falls under the scope of the metrics committee due to the analytics and statistics involved; to avoid using the all categorization in every reference, any other category it likely applies to should be used as the primary (and metrics will be assumed by default).

ID Title Language Author Publisher Date Committee
ID Carbon Impact of Web Standards English Dawson, Alexander Website Sustainability 2023 All
ID The growing energy footprint of artificial intelligence English De Vries, Alex Joule 2023 All
ID Action Plan for Sustainable Planet in the Digital Age English Koroleva, Polina CODES 2022 All
ID Best practises for 5G App Developers English GSMA Association GSMA 2022 All
ID Cloud Is Material: On the Environmental Impacts of Computation and Data Storage English Monserrate, Steven Gonzalez MIT 2022 Infrastructure
ID Comparing the Energy Efficiency of WebAssembly and JavaScript in Web Applications on Android Mobile Devices English Malavolta, Et al. Ivano Malavolta 2022 WebDev
ID Data Centres and Data Transmission Networks English Kamiya, George IEA 2022 Infrastructure
ID Digital Reset Report English Lange & Santarius D4S 2022 Business
ID Digital sustainability: An exploration for developer actionability English Lopez-Latorre, Zoe Google 2022 WebDev
ID Google Sustainability Reports English Google Google 2022 Business
ID Green Design Principles English Microsoft Microsoft 2022 All
ID Mozilla Sustainability Research English Mozilla Mozilla 2022 All
ID On the Impact of the Critical CSS Technique on the Performance and Energy Consumption of Mobile Browsers English Malavolta, Et al. Ivano Malavolta 2022 WebDev
ID State of the art in measurement-based experiments on the mobile web English Munk, Scoccia & Malavolta ScienceDirect 2022 WebDev
ID Cyber-consciousness of Environmental Assessment English Mulrow, Gali & Grubert IOP 2021 Infrastructure
ID Ecobranding Report English Atos Atos 2021 UX
ID Electricity Intensity of Internet Data Transmission: Untangling the Estimates English Aslan, Et al. Wiley 2021 Infrastructure
ID Europe’s consumption in a circular economy: the benefits of longer-lasting electronics English EEA EEA 2021 Business
ID Impact of GPU Acceleration on Browser CPU Usage English Klein, Helge Helge Klein 2021 WebDev
ID Implementing the Sustainable Development Goals English UK Government 2021 All
ID Investigating the Inconsistencies among Energy and Energy Intensity Estimates of the Internet English Coroamă, Vlad SFOE 2021 Infrastructure
ID Overlooked environmental footprint of increasing Internet use English Obringer, Et al. ScienceDirect 2021 Infrastructure
ID Real climate and transformative impact of ICT English Freitag, Et al. ScienceDirect 2021 Infrastructure
ID Sustainability innovations and firm competitiveness: A review English Hermundsdottir & Aspelund ScienceDirect 2021 Business
ID Towards a Fossil-Free Internet: The Fog of Enactment English Rousillhe, Gauthier Green Web Foundation 2021 All
ID Best Practice Guidelines for the EU Code of Conduct on Data Centre Energy Efficiency English Acton, Bertoldi & Booth JRC 2020 Infrastructure
ID Beyond PUE: Tackling IT’s wasted terawatts English Bashroush & Lawrence Uptime Institute 2020 Infrastructure
ID Carbontracker: Tracking and Predicting the Carbon Footprint of Training Deep Learning Models English Anthony, Kanding & Selvan Cornell University 2020 Infrastructure
ID Climate Change Implications of Gaming Products and Services English Aslan, Joshua University of Surrey 2020 Business
ID Digital sustainability audits: a de facto standard for the Internet carbon footprint English Monras, David ResearchGate 2020 All
ID Electronics and obsolescence in a circular economy English Dils, Evelien Eionet 2020 Business
ID Energy-efficient Cloud Computing Technologies and Policies for an Eco-friendly Cloud Market English Montevecchi, Et al. European Comission 2020 Infrastructure
ID Evaluating the Impact of Caching on the Energy Consumption and Performance of Progressive Web Apps English Malavolta, Et al. Ivano Malavolta 2020 WebDev
ID How might we shape the future of a greener Internet? English Ye, Lu Onlign 2020 UX
ID Investigating the correlation between performance scores and energy consumption of mobile web apps English Malavolta, Et al. Ivano Malavolta 2020 WebDev
ID New perspectives on internet electricity use in 2030 English Andrae, Anders S.G. Huawei 2020 Infrastructure
ID Promoting product longevity English Marcus, Ratcliff & Bianchini European Comission 2020 Infrastructure
ID Sources and Streams of Electronic Waste English Lepawsky, Josh One Earth 2020 Infrastructure
ID Third Global Cryptoasset Benchmarking Study English Blandin, Et al. Cambridge University 2020 Infrastructure
ID Utility of the Future English SDIA SDIA 2020 Infrastructure
ID Environmental footprint of the digital world English Bordage, Frédéric GreenIT 2019 Infrastructure
ID Impact of New and Emerging Internet Technologies on Climate Change and Human Rights English Allmann & Hazas Oxford & Lancaster University 2019 All
ID Lean ICT - Towards Digital Sobriety English Ferreboeuf, Et al. The Shift Project 2019 Infrastructure
ID Buried Internet infrastructure at risk as sea levels rise English Devitt, Terry University of Wisconsin-Madison 2018 Infrastructure
ID Environmental impact assessment of online advertising English Pärssinena, Et al. ScienceDirect 2018 Business
ID Assessing the Impact of Service Workers on the Energy Efficiency of Progressive Web Apps English Malavolta, Et al. Ivano Malavolta 2017 WebDev
ID Click Clean English Greenpeace Greenpeace 2017 Business
ID Digitalisation and Energy English Turk & Cozzi IEA 2017 Infrastructure
ID Drowning in data – digital pollution, green IT, and sustainable access English Oghia, Michael EuroDIG 2017 All
ID Energy Efficiency across Programming Languages English Pereira, Et al. University of Minho 2017 WebDev
ID Are there limits to growth in data traffic? English Hazas, Et al. Lancaster University 2016 Infrastructure
ID Carbon Emission Implications of ICT Re-use English Hart, Jim University of Edinburgh 2016 Infrastructure
ID Measuring energy consumption of cross-platform frameworks for mobile applications English Ciman & Gaggi University of Padua 2015 WebDev
ID Study on the practical application of the new framework methodology for measuring the environmental impact of ICT – cost/benefit analysis English Prakash, Et al. European Comission 2014 Infrastructure
ID How Clean is Your Cloud? English Greenpeace Greenpeace 2012 Infrastructure
ID Who Killed My Battery: Analyzing Mobile Browser Energy Consumption English Thiagarajan, Et al. Stanford 2012 WebDev
ID Carbon Footprint of Email Spam Report English ICF McAffee 2009 Business
ID A Web Caching Primer English Davison, Brian Rutgers 2001 WebDev


ID Title Language Author Publisher Date Committee
ID 6 steps to reduce the carbon footprint of your website English Gifford, Mike OpenSource 2023 All
ID Chief sustainability officer English Gifford, Mike Wikipedia 2023 All
ID Climate-friendly software English Gifford, Mike Wikipedia 2023 All
ID I Made My Blog Solar-Powered Then Things Escalated English Louwrentius Louwrentius 2023 Infrastructure
ID Improving the accuracy of website carbon emissions estimates English Irani, Fershad Irani, Fershad 2023 Metrics
ID Measure & Improve Your Site's Footprint with Carbon Control from Catchpoint WebPageTest English Jehl, Scott WebPageTest 2023 Metrics
ID Sustainable Design Toolkits And Resources English Mielke & Graham Smashing Magazine 2023 UX
ID Sustainable UX is more than reducing your website‘s footprint English Dähnert, Sandy UX Collective 2023 UX
ID Variables of Web Sustainability English Dawson, Alexander Website Sustainability 2023 Infrastructure
ID Nachhaltige Websites? Wie wir alle mehr für die Umwelt tun können German Beyer, Torsten Website Boosting 2022 All
ID Nachhaltige Websites: Datenvolumen und CO2-Emissionen ermitteln und überwachen German Beyer, Torsten Website Boosting 2023 Metrics
ID Actions to digitalise the energy sector English McPhie & Bedini European Commission 2022 Infrastructure
ID AFNOR SPEC 2201 Ecoconception des services numériques French AFNOR AFNOR 2022 All
ID Choose wisely: How technology decisions drive data center efficiency English Peddibhotla, Ram VentureBeat 2022 Infrastructure
ID Climate Change Is Harming the Planet Faster Than We Can Adapt, U.N. Warns English Plumer & Zhong New York Times 2022 All
ID Cryptocurrency's Dirty Secret: Energy Consumption English Hinsdale, Jeremy State Of The Planet 2022 Infrastructure
ID Dark data is killing the planet – we need digital decarbonisation English Jackson & Hodgkinson The Conversation 2022 Infrastructure
ID Digital = Physical English Friedman & Romano Microsoft Design 2022 All
ID Digital Carbon Footprint: The Current State of Measuring Tools English Schneider & Zaninotto Marmelab 2022 Metrics
ID Five Dimensions of Sustainable Software Engineering and How Education Can Help! English Cruz, Luís Cruz, Luís 2022 All
ID Fourty-Three Percent of major environmental websites make mass carbon emissions English Rouge Media Open Access Government 2022 Business
ID How efficient code increases sustainability in the enterprise English Anadiotis, George VentureBeat 2022 WebDev
ID How green data centers can cut your carbon footprint English Wayner, Peter VentureBeat 2022 Infrastructure
ID How to amplify your sustainability efforts through your user experience English Barry & Lopez-Latorre Google 2022 UX
ID Intro guide to digital eco-design English Baton & Faubry Eco-conception 2022 All
ID It’s Time for the Internet to Become More Sustainable, Says New Coalition English Sabri, Roya Triple Pundit 2022 All
ID Les 115 Web Ecodesign bonnes pratiques French GreenIT GreenIT 2022 WebDev
ID Make Sustainability Part of Everybody's Job English Wilkinson, Drew Microsoft 2022 Business
ID Memory leaks: the forgotten side of web performance English Lawson, Nolan Read The Tea Leaves 2022 WebDev
ID Now we have a sustainability channel in Making WordPress Slack, what should we do? English Hannah Smith 2022 WebDev
ID Power Consumption of PC Components in Watts English Build Computers Build Computers 2022 Metrics
ID Reducing The Web’s Carbon Footprint: Optimizing Social Media Embeds English Barker, Michelle Smashing Magazine 2022 WebDev
ID Sustainable Practices English Hartley, Daniel The Public Good 2022 All
ID Sustainable Web Development Strategies Within An Organization English Barker, Michelle Smashing Magazine 2022 Business
ID Ten years of page bloat: What have we learned? English Everts, Tammy SpeedCurve 2022 WebDev
ID Towards a net zero IETF English Daley, Jay IETF 2022 Business
ID Web Almanac - Sustainability Chapter English Devernay, McGovern & Frick HTTP Archive 2022 All
ID What are dual-use data centers and how they drive energy efficiency English Sharma, Shubham VentureBeat 2022 Infrastructure
ID What I have to say about carbon accounting in web browsers will shock you English Webb, Matt Interconnected 2022 Infrastructure
ID What is the environmental impact of Web3? English Preimesberger, Chris VentureBeat 2022 Infrastructure
ID Why data has a sustainability problem English Hollowell, Ashleigh VentureBeat 2022 Infrastructure
ID Why hyperscale, modular data centers improve efficiency English Preimesberger, Chris VentureBeat 2022 Infrastructure
ID Why Web Designers Need To Think About Sustainable Web Design English Chevannes, Sabrina Forbes 2022 UX
ID Crypto and blockchain must accept they have a problem, then lead in sustainability English Long, Monica TechCrunch 2021 Infrastructure
ID Dark mode may not save your phone’s battery life as much as you think, but there are a few silver linings English Dash & Hu Purdue University 2021 UX
ID Designing for climate change English Rosen, Deena UX 2021 UX
ID Filecoin Green English FileCoin FileCoin 2021 Infrastructure
ID Front-End Performance Checklist English Friedman, Vitaly Smashing Media 2021 WebDev
ID Graphics Card Power Consumption and Efficiency Tested English Walton, Jarred Tom's Hardware 2021 Metrics
ID L’idéation au service de l’éco-conception #1: La méthode C.O.E.U.R. French Legendre, Damien Agence LunaWeb 2021 Business
ID Little Book of Accessibility English Williams, Gareth Ford UX 2021 All
ID Make the sustainable thing the best thing, by design English Wright, Ness Medium 2021 UX
ID Measuring The Web English Hartley, Daniel The Public Good 2021 Metrics
ID Mobile Performance Inequality Gap English Russell, Alex Infrequently Noted 2021 Infrastructure
ID Quel design pour un navigateur low-tech? French Dorne, Geoffrey Graphisme et interactivité 2021 WebDev
ID Reducing Carbon Emissions On The Web English Powell, Berwyn Smashing Magazine 2021 WebDev
ID Référentiel général d'écoconception de services numériques French French Republic 2021 All
ID Sustainable design: how UX design can help tackle climate change English Strydom, Vanessa Cyber-Duck 2021 UX
ID Sustainable internet: Missing pieces to a healthy future English Berger, Cathleen OFR 2021 Business
ID Toward sustainable software engineering English Férdeline, Ayden Increment 2021 Infrastructure
ID We finally know how bad for the environment your Netflix habit is English Bedingfield, Will Wired 2021 Infrastructure
ID Why digital isn’t always greener or fairer English Gordon, Ayala University of Southampton 2021 All
ID Can you really negate your carbon emissions? Carbon offsets, explained English Irfan, Umair Vox 2020 Business
ID Carbon footprint of streaming video: fact-checking the headlines English Kamiya, George IEA 2020 Infrastructure
ID Carbon footprint sham English Kaufman, Mark Mashable 2020 All
ID Consequence Scanning – an agile practice for responsible innovators English Dot Everyone Dot Everyone 2020 Business
ID Defining the Carbon-Footprint of the Digital Economy English Gandhi, Mohan DigitalInfra 2020 Infrastructure
ID Digital aspects and the environment English Digwatch Geneva Internet Platform 2020 Business
ID Digitalisation for the benefit of the environment: Council approves conclusions English European Council European Council 2020 Business
ID Digitization and the Environment: Opportunities, Risks and the Need for Action English Wäspi, Flurina SocietyByte 2020 Business
ID Ditch 4K video and new tech to fight climate change English Harrabin, Roger BBC 2020 Infrastructure
ID Do you know all 17 SDGs? English UNDESA United Nations 2020 All
ID Factcheck: What is the carbon footprint of streaming video on Netflix? English Kamiya, George CarbonBrief 2020 Infrastructure
ID How can we design sustainably? English Pallier, Sandra Medium 2020 UX
ID Principles for Designing Sustainable Services English Wright, Ness Medium 2020 All
ID Tech designers: 6 steps to fight climate change English Rosen, Deena UX 2020 UX
ID To Green the Internet, We Need RIPE English Oghia, Michael Ripe Labs 2020 Infrastructure
ID Twenty One Product Management Frameworks English Productfolio Productfolio 2020 Business
ID Using UX Design to Build a Sustainable Future English O’ Connor, Katie UX Magazine 2020 UX
ID Website carbon emissions English Lowe, Stuart Open Innovations 2020 WebDev
ID Why your internet habits are not as clean as you think English Griffiths, Sarah BBC 2020 All
ID You’ve Got the Power: Sustainable Procurement and the RIPE Community English Oghia, Michael Ripe Labs 2020 Infrastructure
ID An Even More Inconvenient Truth: Why Carbon Credits For Forest Preservation May Be Worse Than Nothing English Song & Moura ProPublica 2019 All
ID Can the Internet Survive Climate Change? English Lozano, Kevin New Republic 2019 All
ID Getting a product accessible is not enough English Byrne-Haber, Sheri Medium 2019 All
ID How Improving Website Performance Can Help Save The Planet English Lenox, Jack Smashing Magazine 2019 WebDev
ID How Much Power Does Memory Use? English Crucial Micron Technology 2019 Metrics
ID How Web Content Can Affect Power Usage English Poulain & Fraser Webkit 2019 WebDev
ID Internet Cloud Has a Dirty Secret English Elegant, Naomi Xu Fortune 2019 Infrastructure
ID Mac Pro: Power consumption and thermal output (BTU/h) information English Apple Apple 2019 Metrics
ID Seven critical conclusions from the major U.N. climate land report English Kaufman, Mark Mashable 2019 All
ID Shaping Europe's digital future English European Comission European Comission 2019 Business
ID A Guide To The State Of Print Stylesheets In 2018 English Andrew, Rachel Smashing Magazine 2018 WebDev
ID Here's how much it costs to charge a smartphone for a year English Kingsley-Hughes, Adrian ZDNet 2018 Infrastructure
ID How to Build a Low-tech Website? English Decker, Kris De Low-tech Magazine 2018 All
ID How to stop data centres from gobbling up the world’s electricity English Jones, Nicola Nature 2018 Infrastructure
ID Over One Billion Smartphones Globally Have an OLED Screen English Kortekaas, Karst NewZoo 2018 Metrics
ID Sustainable Energy of Despair: A Review of Guillaume Pitron’s Book English Derruine, Olivier Green European Journal 2018 Business
ID Sustainable Web Design English Christie, James A List Apart 2018 All
ID Driving user growth with performance improvements English Meder, Antonov & Chang Medium 2017 WebDev
ID Internet access, sustainability, and citizen participation: electricity as a prerequisite for democracy? English Oghia, Michael Open Democracy 2017 Business
ID Paradox of Choice: Why Less is More in UX Design English Patel, Nick GetFeedback 2017 UX
ID Shedding Light on How Much Energy the Internet and ICTs Consume English Oghia, Michael CircleID 2017 Infrastructure
ID Save the planet through sustainable web design English Creative Bloq Staff Net Magazine 2012 All
ID How to Become an Eco Web Designer English Dawson, Alexander OneXtra Pixel 2010 All
ID Making The Web A Better Place: Guidelines For Green Web Design English Binney, Alison Fay Smashing Magazine 2010 WebDev
ID Ten Easy Ways to Green Your Web Site English Mashable Mashable 2010 All
ID CSS Design: Going to Print English Meyer, Eric A List Apart 2002 WebDev



ID Title Language Committee
ID aXe Accessibility English WebDev
ID Are My Third Parties Green? English WebDev
ID Beacon English Metrics
ID Built With English Business
ID Carbon Neutral Website English Metrics
ID Cloud Carbon Footprint English Infrastructure
ID Cloud NetZero English Infrastructure
ID Co2.js English All
ID Code Carbon English Infrastructure
ID Datavizta English Metrics
ID Carbon Calculator English Business
ID Carbon Footprint Calculator English Business
ID Digital Sustainability Audits English Metrics
ID Ecograder English Metrics
ID EcoIndex French Metrics
ID Ecoping English Metrics
ID Green Host Checker English Infrastructure
ID GreenFrame English Metrics
ID GreenIT Analysis French UX
ID Green Web Extension English Infrastructure
ID Image Carbon English Metrics
ID Kastor English Metrics
ID Lighthouse English All
ID Mobile Friendly Checker English UX
ID Readability Checker English UX
ID Readable English UX
ID SitiGreen Italian Metrics
ID Sustainability Audits English All
ID Unlighthouse English All
ID W3C Markup Validator English WebDev
ID Wappalyzer English Business
ID WAVE Accessibility English Metrics
ID WebHint English Metrics
ID WebPageTest English Metrics
ID Website Carbon English Metrics
ID Website Footprint English Metrics


ID Title Language Committee
ID A11y Checklist English All
ID Access Guide English All
ID Accessibility Support English All
ID Susty WordPress English WebDev
ID Green Production Guide English Infrastructure
ID Greening of Streaming English Infrastructure
ID Open Sustainable Technology English Business
ID Web Quality Assurance Checklist English All
ID Web Sustainability Pocket Guide English All


ID Title Language Committee
ID Carbon.txt English Infrastructure
ID Datavizta English Infrastructure
ID Ecosia English Business
ID Electricity Maps English Infrastructure
ID Energizta English Infrastructure
ID Emissions Impact Dashboard English Infrastructure
ID Ethical English Business
ID Ethical Revolution English Business
ID Globemallow English WebDev
ID Green Extensions English All
ID Low Web Extension English Infrastructure
ID Lune English Business
ID Scaphandre English Metrics
ID Scope3 English Business
ID Zoom Emissions English Infrastructure