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Welcome to the Sustainable Web Design Community Group.

Formed in 2013, the Sustainable Web Design CG brings together likeminded individuals from a variety of backgrounds with a passion for Sustainability. The goal of this community is to establish a set of formal guidelines (similar to the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines) to help end-users, Web workers, stakeholders, educators, and policy makers, improve the sustainability of their products and services. Whilst we are not a standards making group, in the future we can look to have our guidelines adopted as such in-or-as a working group within the W3C.

For information about our team (if you're interested in joining) visit our homepage, read this useful post on our goals, and check our charter which defines the scope of our activity.

Existing members: to keep up-to-date with our activity, sign-up to our mailing list (as this is where announcements get posted), and join the Slack group (to chat with other members).

To contribute: check out your specialism page below in the wiki (it's where each group can collaborate on making recommendations), feel free to share useful URL's in our References page, and keep a watchful eye on our Github repo as that's where the final compiled recommendations (and any new research undertaken within the group) will be published.


Committee meetings are scheduled over Zoom / Google Meet when required. Our minutes are listed below:

The minutes from 2022's TPAC Sustainability breakout session of which some of our members attended is also available.