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Semantic Open Data Community Group

This group intends to explore ways to leverage OData as a contributor to the Semantic Web vision and to help achieve a common understanding of both technologies as well as their relationship to each other.

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OData Version 4 Breaks Down Silos & Connects BYOD

Hi, just viewed the OData version 4 announcement.  See This is great news for all us developers and architects.  Finally a standard that makes sense to connect the internet of things and the internect of client/server devices.  Got to love ODBC for the internet on steriods.  Later technical analysis to follow.




OData Version 4 – A Major Advance in BYOB Connectivity

Well folks I have been part of a great group of people who have wowed me with both their smarts, their work effort, and their work deliverables.  I am proud of the OData Technical
and what they have accomplished.  This committee of OASIS has extended and created a technical specification based upon an original specification of an open data protocol called OData. OData can be related to RDF – another global standard for computer
connectivity.  The Western democracies are opening their government’s data and changing the paradigm to “open” by default as opposed to “hidden or closed user group” by default.  This OData protocol is an enabler of this while speeding up the cycle of delivery of data to mobile and citizenry devices.  It is the infrastructure live
blood to the body politic of mobile device connectivity between client and server – acting as an ODBC for the Internet.
Don’t let the technical jargon baffle you.  This is big – a foundational piece for all doing web technologies and it is OPEN, AVAILABLE NOW, and just so well architected.  See your book seller or the
internet for more and ask your technical leads why it is important.

One function of the group could be to build a concordance between RDF and OData.  OData version 4 is now in its Public Review.  See 

RDF is a long time standard of the W3C.  See 

So what are the pain points between the standards and could there even be a concordance?  Over the next while I hope to architect one.





Starting Semantic Open Data Group at W3C …

Successfully tested. Thanks for setting it up!

Edit: As of 2013-JAN-14 I named Ivan and John as chairs to somehow start conducting the business of communication as recommended in the instructions provided 😉

To my knowledge Ivan is an original proposer of forming such a group and I think also naming John is a good idea. What do the others esp. the “named” chairs think about this? Would both of you be willing to impersonate the role?

PS: I suggest to also add Ken to that role, when he will have registered with the group.

All the best,