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Meeting 18 dec about Local digital twins and the metaverse

Welcome to participate in the Community’s and Standards & Platforms Working Group’s last meeting for this year, which aims at the future. We address two exciting topics that are already on the agendas of several municipalities, namely: local digital twins and metaverse that together become CitiVerse.

Monday 18 December 13.00 – 15.30 CET

Zoom link:

Password: 486440

Local digital twins are something that several municipalities have already started investing in. It is about 3D models of city districts, entire municipalities, regions, or countries that are made into digital twins by connecting them with web of things technology.

Metaverses are virtual worlds that can be “visited” through avatars, much like in a computer game world. In metaverse, it is possible to have digital meetings, events and more. Two major players who invest heavily in this are Microsoft and Meta (Facebook).


CitiVerse is when we combine these two, that is, use our local digital twins to create virtual worlds that we can then use for several different applications, for example together with Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR). The EU Commission is by example already investing in CitiVerse and has had a first call where several consortia applied to contribute and take part in EU funds.

Combine web of things with digital twins

At this December meeting of the Working Group, we will focus on how we weave together the web of world with the digital twins for municipalities, regions and countries. Likewise on how we can create interoperability to feed the twins with continuously updated data from existing systems and databases.

We continuously monitor interoperability in the Community and Working Group and it is also addressed with MIM’s within the EU and ongoing interoperability projects in Sweden with Region Jönköping County.

Demonstrations of digital twins

We will talk about technology and standardization for Local Digital Twins, Metaverse and CitiVerse. There will also be presentations and demonstrations of digital twins from several Swedish initiatives. We will also hear about Destination Earth, which collects environmental data that we can use for analysis in our Local Digital Twins.

How it is discussed in the EU

The European Commission has just carried out a mapping of the standardization landscape for CitiVerse, i.e. all parts that the EU expects CitiVerse to cover. Among other things, I will talk about what has been discussed within the EU which is the basis for the EU’s investment in CitiVerse. We will also talk about the connection with the international standardization within ISO and IEC around IoT and Digital Twins as well as within W3C.

Contribute on the meeting?

Want to present something or demonstrate a Local Digital Twin or CitiVerse? Please contact me asap to see if we can fit you into the program. There are many interesting presenters on the list already so everyone needs to be brief. 

Welcome to this exciting meeting!

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