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Discovering Silver Forum

We are launching this Discovering Silver Forum as part of the Silver Community Group website. The Forum is a place to share perspectives about accessibility guidelines and their role in creating inclusive digital environments. We will regularly post topics and invite discussion as comments or via the mailing list.

Our first discussion topic is, What can we learn from WCAG adaptations?

One of the primary goals for the Silver project is to use evidence and data to inform decisions about the next-generation accessibility guidelines. The Silver Design Plan begins at the beginning, with questions about what is needed, and where there are opportunities to push forward using guidelines to support accessibility in the digital environment. In the Discovery Phase, researchers and stakeholders worldwide are working together to find answers to key research questions. From supporting policy and design decisions, teaching and learning about accessibility needs, conducting research and creating standards, and other stakeholder roles and activities, a broad range of perspectives on how accessibility guidelines are used will clarify what is needed to ensure accessibility guidelines are an effective tool for advancing accessibility.

To support work in the Discovery Phase, the Silver Task Force will regularly post research questions as prompts and open the floor for discussion. We will include your comments and perspectives among the research data, which will form the basis for Phase 2 activities of interpreting and synthesizing the data into insights to guide decision-making, as we move from research to concepts.

We look forward to hearing from you!

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