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First Draft of Stakeholder Job Stories published by Silver Community Group

On 2018-02-26 the Silver Community Group published the first draft of the following specification:

Participants contribute material to this specification under the W3C Community Contributor License Agreement (CLA).

If you have any questions, please contact the group on their public list: Learn more about the Silver Community Group.

3 Responses to First Draft of Stakeholder Job Stories published by Silver Community Group

  • Mark Tanner

    I have only just joined the group and was slightly confused as this post describes the job stories as “first draft”, and yet from looking at the email lists it would seem the final draft has been finalised. I therefore realise these comments may be too late.

    1.Consistent language
    It would be helpful and clearer if the language used to describe the key tasks – browse, learn, review, verify…etc – was consistent, and directly mapped with the language used to describe the job stories. This happens in some cases, but not always.
    For example, “bookmark”, “embed”, “print”, “incorporate”, are all listed as key tasks, but not used at all in the job stories.
    Other words are used to describe the job story tasks, but not listed as key tasks or activities. For example, “confirm” (4 uses); “understand” (15 uses)

    2.US-centric task
    “Government policy regulator or specialist When Title II and III of the ADA return to the active list of the Unified Regulatory Agenda, I want to ensure {Silver} can be leveraged to support them, so I can propose language for enforcement measures.”
    It would be much better to have a task described in a more general way that could be seen as applying to every policy regulator, not just those from the US.

    3.Colour specification
    Checking colour specifications comes up three separate times in different job stories. Designer [accessibility novice]; Accessibility designer; AT developer. While clearly an important task, wouldn’t it be better to substitute at least one of these examples with a different task to increase the scope of the job stories?


  • Jeanne F Spellman

    Thanks for your comments, Mark. They are helpful and not too late. The W3C tools for this work automatically label it as a First Public Working Draft, when as you noted, it has been finalized by the group.


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