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Read Write Web — Monthly Open Thread — (September 2012)


As Q3 of 2012 draws to an end, many have noticed the launch of version 0.1 of,  Inspired by the WWW and Xanadu, tent aims to be distributed protocol using HTTP URIs to identify users, and communication via HTTP and JSON.  With over 2500 signups on the first day, it shows some promise as a new breed of social net driven by HTTP.  Hopefully it will, long term, be compatible with Linked Data!

Two interesting read-write linked data tehcnologies move forward, with the first “editors draft” of Linked Data Basic Profile (LDBP) which interestingly mandates using turtle, and an update to JSON PATCH.

The RWW has got space at TPAC from Mon 29 Oct through Wed 31 Oct, thanks to Henry Story and others.  There have been further discussions on trust, universal access control, and some interesting conversations over at the WebID CG with Ben Laurie of Google, on deployment, usability and privacy.

Communications and Outreach

It’s been tentatively agreed to merge the RWW CG with the “Uncertainty and Trust in the Semantic Web” CG.  This is mainly due to the fact that “untsw” has fallen inactive, and the majority of members, are already in RWW.  Many thanks to Coralie for helping facilitate this, the plan is to discontinue untsw by end of October.

There’s been some discussions with the Web Application Store CG about unifying meta data that can be associated with apps.  With so many app stores out there, growing fast, the application store bootstrap will hopefully be a great chance to give users of the web, many more features.

Community Group

The RWW has a room at TPAC, for Mon 29 – Wed 31 October, thanks to Henry Story and others.  Please dont forget that early bird registration ends October 16th.  Please put your name down on the wiki if you intend on coming.

Aside from the merger with untsw there’s been a few interesting discussions on trust, both in the RWW and on the payments list.  I’ve made some notes in our wiki.  One idea that I particularly liked from payments is that it is possible to indicate your trust for someone by offering them a credit line.  Perhaps an exciting way to get the web economy going.


The theme of dogfooding has come up again and members of this group have been encouraged (lead by Kingsley!) to sign their emails using S/MIME.

The reason for this is to bootstrap email to the web using the “follow your nose” pattern.  You receive an email, then click on the signature, and it takes you to a Web Identity.  From there you are into the social graph, can friend the person, view the wall etc.

The advantage of this approach is that it can be performed by both humans and machines using well established web standards, hopefully helping to unite the world of email and the web in a social and machine readable way.

Last but not least…

It’s been around for a while, but for some reason may not have got the attention it deserves, viejs, the Semantic Interaction Framework, is a great companion to the javascript RWW.   Some great demos, an auto complete bar, and plugins to make CMS content editable are just a few of the great feature in this package.  If you have any feedback feel free to post to our mailing list where the maintainer, Henri Bergius, has kindly offered to answer questions.

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