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New reconciliation services from the community

The ecosystem of reconciliation services continues to grow. This post highlights a few public endpoints that have been recently published.

The Swiss Art Research Infrastructure has developed a reconciliation service for their Reference Data Service (RDS). It provides access to reference databases such as the Art & Architecture Thesaurus, the Union List of Artist Names, GND (knowledge graph of the German National Library), Geonames and Wikidata.

The Ontotext team has published not just one, but three reconciliation endpoints for subsets of Wikidata: for people, organizations and locations. The endpoints are much faster than other endpoints based on the Wikidata API, thanks to their own indexing of those subsets in Elasticsearch. They explain the architecture of their services in this presentation at the Knowledge Graph Forum:

Brick is a uniform metadata schema for buildings. The goal of the project is to represent subsystems in a building, independently of their vendors, providing a standard for building management systems. And it offers a reconciliation service for its vocabulary.

The OpenRefine team is building a reconciliation service for Wikimedia Commons. The goal is to help the transition of the platform from text-based metadata to structured data built on top of Wikibase. This will is accompanied by work on OpenRefine itself to generalize its Wikibase integration.

This hopefully illustrates the diversity of use cases and stakeholders around our protocol. Many other services can be found on the reconciliation test bench. If yours is missing, register it now!

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