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OStatus Community Group

Closed on 2019-08-13 - see the Social Web Incubator Community Group instead.

OStatus is a suite of protocols that lets people on different social networks interact. This group will develop the next version of the protocol.

Group's public email, repo and wiki activity over time

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Migrating content from and

I’d like to take the maintenance of content out of my own incapable hands, and make it more accessible through this community group. itself consists of a Drupal-based blog with <10 posts plus a copy of the spec. I believe it can be pretty easily transferred to the community group sites here, which run on WordPress. is a MediaWiki wiki. I believe the content can be dumped and restored on the new community group wiki, but new user accounts will need to be created.

After that’s done, I’ll try to 301-redirect specific URLs in the domain to their new equivalents on the sites.