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Updated ORTC API 3/25/2015

The ORTC Editors Draft has been updated today:

B.1 Changes since 22 January 2015

  1. Updated Section 8.3 on RTP matching rules, as noted in: Issue 48
  2. Further updates to the Statistics API, reflecting: Issue 85
  3. Added support for maxptime, as noted in: Issue 160
  4. Revised the text relating to RTCDtlsTransport.start(), as noted in: Issue 168
  5. Clarified handling of incoming connectivity checks by the RTCIceGatherer, as noted in: Issue 170
  6. Added Section, defining DTMF capabilities and settings, as noted in: Issue 177
  7. Clarified pre-requisites for insertDTMF(), based on: Issue 178
  8. Added Section 13.4 and updated Section 9.5.1 to clarify aspects of RTCP sending and receiving, based on: Issue 180
  9. Fixed miscellaneous typos, as noted in: Issue 183
  10. Added informative reference to [RFC3264] Section 5.1, as noted in: Issue 184

Now that we have an updated draft we will be calling for the next ORTC Community Group meeting. That post will follow soon.

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