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Getting Started with the Nordic Accessibility Community Group

Welcome to the Nordic Accessibility Community Group! We’re excited to have you join our open forum dedicated to discussing accessibility challenges, networking with professionals, and championing inclusive design in the Nordic countries. This guide will help you get started on your journey with us.


The Nordic Accessibility Community Group is your network for discussing challenges and meeting with other digital accessibility professionals. It’s local to the Nordic countries, making it more relevant to us than the larger American communities. In our regular sessions, we meet to share knowledge, discuss the obstacles we experience, and may decide to work together on projects to change the accessibility landscape for the better.

Meeting Formats

All our meetings and sessions are virtual by default to improve accessibility and inclusivity. The language spoken at meetings has generally been English. Let the group know if you would rather prefer us to try a meeting in “Scandinavian”.

Step 1: Join the Slack Group

Our primary communication platform is Slack. It’s a convenient space for sharing information, engaging in discussions, and staying up to date. To join, follow this invitation link. Once you’re in, head over to the #nordic-accessibility Slack channel.

Step 2: Engage and Discuss

Feel free to dive into discussions on the #nordic-accessibility Slack channel. You don’t have to wait for the next meeting to bring up your thoughts or questions – this is the place for real-time conversations.

Step 3: Attend Monthly Meetings

We hold virtual meetings once a month to foster collaboration and idea-sharing. You’ll receive an email invite to the address you signed up with. Meeting lengths may vary as we refine the format. During these meetings, we typically have a roundtable where everyone can contribute their challenges, appreciations, and thoughts related to accessibility. From these discussions, we may choose one or more topics that we want to work on as a group.

Remember, your participation matters. If you struggle to attend meetings for any reason, we value open communication. If you can’t join for two months in a row, please discuss it with the group. Let’s find ways to make the group inclusive and accessible.

Step 4: Collaborate on Projects

Our group encourages active participation and collaboration. If you have ideas for projects or topics you’d like to work on, feel free to form smaller groups with fellow members. This is your space to shape and contribute to projects that excite you.

Step 5: Attend Network Meetings

Some of our members regularly host network meetings. These meetings are opportunities to connect with other group members. While attendance is optional, these sessions provide valuable interactions and often feature talks by Community Group members or invited experts.

Step 6: Join the Monthly Coffee Session

Every month, we have a casual gathering called “Nordic Accessibility Community Coffee.” It’s a 20-minute session without a specific agenda, where you can chat with fellow accessibility enthusiasts while enjoying your favorite beverage. ☕

Step 7: Utilize the Community Page

For more information, resources, and updates, be sure to visit our online Community Page. This page is a hub for relevant links, meeting summaries, and other updates that can enhance your experience within the group.

Feel free to explore and make the most out of your participation in the Nordic Accessibility Community Group!

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