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Nordic Accessibility Community Group

The Nordic Accessibility Community Group serves as an open forum to discuss challenges, network with accessibility professionals, and promote the importance of inclusive design in the Nordic countries.

Group's public email, repo and wiki activity over time

Note: Community Groups are proposed and run by the community. Although W3C hosts these conversations, the groups do not necessarily represent the views of the W3C Membership or staff.

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Please mind: at this stage, this page is a concept.

Here you can find a list of speakers to contact for talks on accessibility.

NameTopicLocation / remoteSpeaker fee (if applicable)Contact information + Additional info
First name Last nameIntroduction to accessibility, role specific talks etc.City X or remoteFree for non-profit, contact for other organisationsWebsite, email address

Preparations or accommodations to consider
Erik GustafssonIntroduction talks

Role specific talks

Organizational accessibility
Stockholm or online preferred. Possibility to travelFee depending on host, scope + location. Possibility for non-profit to be
Tobias Christian JensenI can speak about how to implement accessibility practices in an organization (change management), as well as provide training in specific areas such as design (colors, interaction patterns, etc.) or development (WAI-aria, semantics, etc.) or understanding of WCAG success criteria overall.Copenhagen or online is preferred, other places can be discussed.If non profit I do it for free, if not it depends on the host.
Pär Lannerö-A11y legislation (WAD and EAA primarily) -Introduction to a11y -WCAG walkthrough -EN301549 -auditing -accessible images -accessible front-end (aria, keyboard nav etc.) -a11y horror stories -screen reader demo -organizational maturity …Living in Stockholm. Sometimes able to travel.Usually for-fee, but sometimes
Speaker directory

Workshop summary: Presenting findings from the 4 workgroups

This week we met to review the findings of the 4 workgroups that had investigated the following:

  • How can we ensure meetups/networking opportunities?
  • How can we get relevant schools/universities to teach accessibility?
  • How can we host/share knowledge and resources within our group?
  • How can we identify relevant research that we want to conduct?

It was wonderful to hear all the different ideas! Then we proceeded to find people who would like to continue the work and discussions for each group.

There is still room for people passionate about discussing networking, or education, or knowledge-sharing, and we can always use more brains involved. So my urge to you is to reach out to the coordinator of a group that you would like to be invited to. You can also find a channel for each group in our Slack space.

I want to stress once again that joining is not a commitment to anything but only means you will receive invitations for the discussions for the next 6 months – or until you opt-out.

Our next big meeting as a Community Group will be in 6 months’ time. See you then!

Next Workshop Date & Slack Group

Update: The time of the workshop meeting is now changed from “CEST” to “CET”. We apologize for any confusion around the time of the invitation.

It has now been a few weeks since our last gathering, and I am here with some news.

  1. At the workshop, we agreed to set up some platform for easing communication within the group. As per Jean-Yves Moyen’s suggestion, we have decided to use the official W3C Community on Slack. Here is how you join:
    • Go to this link and follow the guide:
    • When you are logged in, search for the channel called “nordic-accessibility”, and join it
    • Let me know if you need any assistance with getting it set up or finding your way around using Slack
  2. Our next workshop will be on November 23rd, 15:00-16:30 CET. For this, you will receive a separate invitation in your inbox.

I look forward to seeing you join me in the Slack channel.

Best regards,
Tobias Christian Jensen

First workshop – a summary

September 22nd marked our first proper session as a group. Thank you to all who joined us!

The intent of the workshop was to get a list of prioritized focus areas to work on. The meeting had 15 attendants participating in a shared workshop document (Word docx).


The outcome of the document was a list of suggestions for what the group could focus on in the coming year. We grouped these suggestions under the following categories:

  • Meetups and networking
  • Providing feedback on standards and legislation
  • Co-creating/sharing knowledge and resources
  • Accessibility on universities’ curriculum
  • Research
  • Other

For the next meeting, we can open a discussion about the most prioritized individual activities that were suggested.


Jean-Yves Moyen & Erik Gustafsson have agreed to join as Chairs, which brings us to a total of 5 Chairs in the group. If anyone else would like to join, reach out to us.

Internal communication

We agreed to set up a shared Slack space to ease communication and social interactions in the group. More to follow on this.

Call for Participation in Nordic Accessibility Community Group

The Nordic Accessibility Community Group has been launched:

The Nordic Accessibility Community Group serves as an open forum to discuss challenges, network with accessibility professionals, and promote the importance of inclusive design in the Nordic countries.

To join the group, you will need a W3C account. Please note, however, that W3C Membership is not required to join a Community Group.

This is a community initiative. This group was originally proposed on 2022-02-03 by Tobias Christian Jensen. The following people supported its creation: Tobias Christian Jensen, Kristian Kristoffersen, Daniel Dersén, Inka Taagehøj, and Jean-Yves Moyen.