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Registering for TPAC 2021

This years’s Music Notation Community Group meeting is being held as an online session at TPAC 2021, the W3C’s Annual Conference. This means that all attendees will need to register for TPAC 2021, which is free of charge.

Registration allows the W3C to track the participation in different meetings, and assures that all attendees agree to abide by the code of conduct. It also gives Community Group members the ability to attend other group meetings being held at TPAC.

Registration is available online at After reading and watching the information about TPAC, you will want to scroll down and click on the button to “Register for full TPAC event as a W3C participant”. If you are a member of this Community Group, you already have a W3C account, so use that account during the registration process.

Once you register, you will receive a confirmation email that gives you access to the TPAC Attendee Hub. When you access the hub, it will require you to enter a verification code that is sent to your email address. The code is good for 24 hours. The first time you access the hub, go to our Music Notation CG Meeting and click the “Add Session” button to add it to your calendar.

Our meeting will be held on Thursday, October 28 at 1400 UTC (7:00 am in California, 10:00 am in New York, 3:00 pm in London, 4:00 pm in Frankfurt, 10:00 pm in Beijing, and 11:00 pm in Tokyo). On the day of the meeting, log into the TPAC Attendee Hub ahead of time, allowing time to receive the verification code. Five minutes before the meeting, a “Join the session” button will appear on our meeting page. Click on that button to join the meeting.

The meeting will be video and audio recorded and we will transcribe it afterwards for close captioning. The chat discussion will also be saved.

It can take some time to receive your TPAC 2021 registration and go through these different steps. We recommend that you register for TPAC as soon as you can, rather than waiting until next week. If you have any issues with registration, please email Michael Good who can either help directly or forward the issue on to the W3C event team.

Thank you for your interest in the Music Notation Community Group. We look forward to seeing many of you online next week!

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