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This is a simple WordPress system page. This simple page is something different than a blog post. Our advice is to build your website starting from the About page on the wedding.

Hello! I am a Wedding Planner in Italy and I love restaurants, photography and here I will talk about myself. I live in Italy, I have a dog named Pasquale and I like almost all drinks.

…here’s another example:

XZR Photography wedding business was created in 1976 and provides high quality events. Based in Padua, we employ more than 30 people and help our entire city.

You should delete this page and create your website, go guys!

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  • Matrimonio – The link to organize a perfect wedding in Italy.
  • When you start organizing your wedding one of the first elements to fix is ​​the wedding date.
  • This gives you a place to start and then organize everything else. This is a starting point.
  • Now let’s see together what are the elements needed to organize a wedding starting from the beginning.
  • As we have already said, the date must be set first. It is better to choose a date that is at least 1 year before the event in order to have the time to organize a beautiful ceremony.


Moreover, if you want to get married in the summer season you may already find the location of your dreams, or the photographer you wanted, already busy in another wedding. On the other hand, if you opt to get married in the autumn or winter season, you may find a greater availability of locations and professionals such as musicians and photographers.

Of course there are brides who love the idea of celebrating their wedding in winter, others who can’t stand this idea. However, whether you decide to get married in the cold or the hot season, the point is that the total budget is conditioned.

There are specific suggestions that allow you to save up to 30% of your budget by choosing to get married in the autumn or winter season.



Once you have chosen the date, the next step is to contact your parish and ask for availability for that date. If it is not available you can think about the possibility of moving the date.


Married couples usually choose the location where they will celebrate their wedding very in advance: for this reason you must move as early as possible. It might be your head to find a location that was already occupied two or three years before your event, but these are rarer cases.


Photographers, musicians and other wedding providers can confirm at a later time. In any case, the advice is to carry out a good research at least 6 months before the fixed date.

There are many other tips and tricks and the ones we have listed are just a general indication that indicates in what order to fix the various elements that revolve around the world of marriage.

You can read More info on the Italian guidelines in W3C and on the wedding page of DISTRIBUTED TASKS COMMUNITY GROUP.


Lucia carries out her photo shoot by putting you at the center of her attention. This is how a photographic service for the newlyweds must be: the protagonists are the spouses and not the photographer or the guests.

The wedding photographer aims to tell your story to allow you to relive it whenever you feel the need. To do this, Lucia chose the style of the story par excellence: reportage, a natural and spontaneous wedding photo shoot. Thanks to a team of professionals, they are able to create a unique and exciting service without unnatural poses, making you enjoy the party without stress.


For several years the owners, Lucia and Martina, have entered the world of photography for ceremonies with great passion, imagining their customers in a few years excited to look at the shots they propose with pleasure.

They are active in Social Networks and are updated with new technologies.

As for video operators, they have great experience and professionalism in the management of events and weddings. Choose with them the music that excites you most as the background of this memorable day.

You can also choose a short video clip, which is ideal for viewing on various social networks.


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