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Exchange Accessibility Information on the Web

In this weeks call the members of the W3C LBD CG were happy to have Holger Dieterich and Sebastian Felix Zappe from W3C LDA CG as guests presenting an amazing effort towards using digital technologies to easen the daily life of people with reduced mobility by distributing accessibility information on the web.

The two pointed to their work on developing a11yjson, a JSON based datamodel to describe accessibility information on the web. They plan to formalise this format using Linked Data and Semantic Web Technologies and a potential collaboration with W3C LBD CG should focus on the linking to Building Topology Ontology (BOT).

The community group holds bi-weekly meetings dedicated to topics on modelling data and information in the built environment. If you are interested in this topic become a member by clicking the “join group” button.

One Response to Exchange Accessibility Information on the Web

  • Kevin Mugumya

    The BOT linkage is very realistic and quite feasible for this mobility use-case. This opens us a number of opportunities to include accessibility within the scope of emergency evacuations in buildings.


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