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“Automobile reinvented” and what that means for our cause …

I’m in Detroit and just after the concluding events of 2015 TU-Automotive conference. It was incredible experience for all who participated.

There is no doubt we are just at the threshold of the fundamental changes in the automotive industry that is bringing new kind of cars (driverless and autonomous), redefine the way we use existing vehicles (connected cars) and in general make cars “digital”.

Gartner analyst, Thilo Koslowski, in his optimistic keynote “The Evolution of the Automobile” called this whole trend “Automobile Reinvented” and this sounds like a good slogan for the whole trend !

What that means for us ?

A lot – we will soon need to incorporate new concepts into GAO creation process – concepts we did not even dream about in 2013 when we started it all ! These new concepts, that become important even in today’s customer decisions (what kind of “infotainment” or “connectivity” my car will have? Will it link to my iPhone or Android phone?). For more technically oriented clients – what kind of “telematics” will I get?

We will have to think seriously about this new terminology building GAO and evolving expected extension…


One Response to “Automobile reinvented” and what that means for our cause …

  • Jeff Wallace

    Hello Mirek – I too am in the Detroit area…downtown Detroit specifically and working for CDK Global (formerly ADP|Cobalt).


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