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“Markup for Autos” – the documentation for extension

Dear All,

I’m happy to inform you that we have created a documentation for our extension. The document entitled “Markup for Autos” is available for review or comments at:

The “shape” and the content of the document was inspired by similar documents placed on the site “Documentation” section in general, and on the “Markup for Banks and Financial Institutions” document in particular.

We would be very happy if you could visit the new doc and if you had any comments, requests for changes or remarks, to write them as comments here or at the respective Github Issue:

We are working with team to have this document published on the production site.


4 Responses to “Markup for Autos” – the documentation for extension

  • Thanks for posting a detailed guide on this. This is really helpful.


  • Vladimir Alexiev

    A very useful doc! Suggestions for improvement:
    1. The diagram makes it look that all the props apply to Car but in fact they apply to Vehicle. So rename the central node to Vehicle
    2. The top is a class diagram (very different from the bottom which is a property diagram): mark it so, and I’d use a different style (eg a tree) to emphasize that
    3. vehicleEngine should show the class holding the “subsidiary” properties: EngineSpecification
    4. Can you put some dot on the branches showing enumerations: vehicleSpecialUse, driveWheelConfiguration, steeringPosition

    In the list below the diagram (The complete hierarchy of all terms in the automotive extension):
    5. Use violet instead of red for the “auto” terms, to match the color on the diagram
    6. Use black instead of brown for auto terms in core
    7. Include section “Enumerated values”

    8. has no comment. This is not ok, especially given that there is also . Explain and contrast the two
    9. Give example of using both props
    10. The TOC is very useful, but also include subheadings in the TOC (the doc is fairly long, so that will ease navigation)
    11. “Drive & Wheel Configuration” is wrong. It’s drive-wheel (which wheels drive the car)
    12. In EXAMPLE 2, PRE-MARKUP and JSON-LD Markup don’t correspond (eg PRE-MARKUP doesn’t have productionDate, modelDate, cargoVolume; Last updated on is not the same as availabilityStarts). Either make them the same, or remove PRE-MARKUP.


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