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Adding second screen / remote screen capabilities with an open web standard

I’d like to propose a new group for a new standard: The Remote DOM.

Apple has AirPlay, Google (technically: The WiFi Alliance) has Miracast – the web has none of that.

The possibility to have a second screen opens up interesting possibilities – for instance displaying a presentation on a beamer or a big screen or working with your mobile device, like you would normally work with your PC or laptop.

Smartphones and Tablets are getting more and more powerful, the PC is deemed dead – using a bluetooth keyboard / mouse and a big screen, one can replace her workstation with a simple tablet or smartphone.

This makes it interesting for web apps, such as email, document editors, cloud development environments (e.g. Cloud9 IDE) to leverage external screens.

Similarly to how the Shadow DOM paved the way for custom elements using web technologies, a “Remote DOM” could allow display of portions of the web app to be displayed on “remote” (i.e. “external”) devices, such as screens, Smart TVs, etc.

We also have a proof of concept implementation:

You can also find the source code along with a more in-depth description of the technology behind it.

Please support our group and work with us on this topic to make it happen!

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