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Introduction to SVG Templates

As promised before the syntax proposal, here is a glimpse of what an SVG template could look like (with filler text):

SVG 2.0 example, fictive character John Doe

Since SVG is a text format that can be read (but not visually interpreted) by any text editor, SVG templates can be created by anyone. We should also write documentation on how to create templates, but this is not our priority for now. The same can (and will) be done for HTML and exported to PDF and several other output formats in the same design. In our best practice style guide we should also include that developers shall add a print output option for less toner waste.

A repository for templates will be created within the next days. Additional templates will be continuously added. If you know designers who want to participate, if you have your own design ideas, or comments/improvement suggestions on existing templates, don’t hesitate to write to the mailing list.

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