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Industry data to add flexibility to Customer Experience specification

The coming of age of business use of Internet was primarily driven by content publishing and electronic Commerce, and in the latter space, Retailers led the charge, closely followed by the Travel industry. These businesses also became the primary users of Web Analytics (aka Digital Analytics in its current form) to improve “conversion rates”, increase engagement, bringing a focus on personas and so forth.

From a digital analytics perspective, while it may be convenient to start bucketing all the data elements captured in the “buy” phase of customer interaction, regardless of the industry context, into the same objects – it is not always intuitive to do so – especially when the industry context begins to go well beyond traditional Retail type environments into products like Insurance – where the method of engagement changes significantly.

The customization subgroup is focused on adding some unique objects on a per industry basis which can then be worked into the core specification itself, leaving room for adding additional industry specific attributes down the road.This will simplify use of the specifications in any industry context.


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