Redesign 2012

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For tracking deployment plans. In tracker see redesign product.

Summary of milestones

  • Finish templates
    • Create mockups for ideas proposed weekend of 1 Sep 2012
    • Update JS and CSS
    • testing + IE support for any new pieces of templates.
    • See action items for other adjustments.
  • Create a new wordpress theme
    • And smarty templates
  • Test
    • Make content changes, fix bugs, track what content changes will be necessary at deployment.
    • Set up a test community group so people can join/leave/publish. Leave other groups in place but disable join for those groups.
    • Get community council review of test instance.
  • Public review
    • TPAC 2012 and public announcement (along with other changes, policies proposals, metrics). Call for bugs.
  • Deployment
    • Content adjustments
    • Announcement
  • Performance improvements
    • improve loading of pages with lots of images (lazy loading).
  • Mobile-friendly improvements



  • 6:
    • Sorin to upload known static templates
  • 14:
    • Jean-Gui (with TomG?) to begin to code of filtering and sorting for reports, participants, groups (on static versions of pages).
  • 21:
    • Sorin to upload new templates
    • Jean-Gui to confirm filtering and sorting working.


  • 5:
    • Test new account creation work-flow (action 34)
    • Test and debug internally (including cross-browser)
    • Create a test CG
  • 15:
    • Sorin to upload Wordpress theme (including login modal window), smarty templates, symfony templates
    • Solicit Community Council review of test CG (using scenarios we write up)
  • 22
    • Dom reviews templates (css, html)
  • 29:
    • During TPAC 2012 (to 2 Nov) announce plan for new styles, 4-week review and testing.
    • Conduct some user testing (e.g., Sorin in Montreal, Ian in Chicago)


  • 29
    • Deployment
  • 30
    • Testing


  • 3
    • Announce publicly




List of groups

Group home




  • Reports home
  • Each group home page has a reports block
  • Publish (available to chairs)
  • List of FSA commitments (per spec)
  • Make a commitment form (per spec)

Notes on template deployment

  • Wordpress theme will be brand new, rather than overwriting the old one. It will be in WWW/community/src/templates/wordpress/cgbg2012.
  • Smarty templates will also have their own directory: WWW/community/src/templates/smarty/cgbg2012.
  • I haven't looked at Symfony templates yet, but I think we can do something similar and just change the symlink on cg server.
  • Making Wordpress use new Smarty templates should be easy: it's only a matter of changing a configuration in wp-config.php.