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Social Demographics that Enhance City-scale E-Participation Processes

There are a number of social demographics to encourage to participate to enhance processes at city-scale e-participation venues.

Groups to encourage to e-participate include the young professional lawyers of each city. Participation can provide opportunities for individuals to distinguish themselves as well as to network with their neighbors, with other lawyers, with bureaucrats and with politicians.

Groups to encourage to e-participate include social studies educators. According to the National Council for the Social Studies, social studies teachers are “role models for civic participation”, “will know how to use and employ the latest technology applications to facilitate learning” and should have “equal access to all the resources they need.” The NCSS strategic plan includes that the NCSS “will work with other groups to identify the future direction of technology and sciences.”

Groups to encourage to e-participate include university professors, including but not limited to political science professors, law professors, history professors, law history professors, urban planning professors, city science professors and civics professors. The American Association of University Professors protects academic freedom and provides resources on the topic.

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