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Proposed Group: Open Government Community Group

The Open Government Community Group has been proposed by James McKinney:

This group’s mission is to discuss and prepare data and API specifications relating to open government information, which may include:

* people, such as legislators
* organizations, such as legislatures or committees
* people’s positions within organizations
* areas, such as electoral districts
* events, such as elections
* documents, such as bills or agendas
* speeches, such as those given by legislators in legislatures
* votes

The group will base its work on existing standards as much as possible, and re-use existing terms (classes and properties) wherever appropriate.

The group may define various serializations of the specifications, including but not limited to RDF and JSON.

The group will seek consensus around, and support for, these specifications which may then be brought to an appropriate Working Group to advance a specification from draft to standard.

The group will coordinate as appropriate with the Web Schemas Task Force of the Semantic Web Interest Group and other relevant groups within the W3C.

You are invited to support the creation of this group. Once the group has a total of five supporters, W3C launch the group and people can join to begin work.

In order to join the group, you will need a W3C account.

If you believe that there is an issue with this group that requires the attention of the W3C staff, please send us email on

Thank you,
W3C Community Development Team

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