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Hi all,

It has been some time since this group was formed to focus on applying the vocabulary to archive data.  There was an initial flurry of activity but that was followed a period of inactivity.

I believe now is a good time to review, especially for new group members, our initial objective and the initial progress we made; update where we are; and hopefully refresh our activities.

The group was formed following interest, expressed at the LODLAM Summit is Sydney 2015, in following the example of the Schema Bib Extend community  in proposing enhancements to the vocabulary and sharing best practice examples of its use.

The objective, in using to share data about archives, being to make them more discoverable across the web, not to replace any other standards. being used to describe archive organisations, archives, and their contents, location, and access, to the wider world.

After some early discussion I posted a straw man proposal that addressed some of those issues. This model builds on already available types, properties and patterns within Schema.

Although some discussion followed, it did not result in a concrete proposal being agreed.  Part of the reason for this I believe was the lack of participants in a position to apply and share the proposals.

Recently I have noticed an increase in new members as well as having had some new discussion on the mailing list.

To that end I think and hope it is time to wake things up again.

Upcoming in June 2017 is the next LODLAM Summit in Venice .  I intend to propose a discussion there to spread awareness and gain engagement to take things forward.  If you are attending, or are in contact with other delegates who are  please participate.

Richard Wallis

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