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Initial Model

Note: This model has now been superseded by the Initial model proposal


This page contains a description of an initial model for a proposed Archive extension for the vocabulary. Almost by definition significant parts of this will be wrong. However, as its purpose is to stimulate and assist discussion as a full proposal evolves, that is not necessarily a bad thing.

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To assist understanding and discussion this document should be read in association with viewing a prototype version of the vocabulary as it would appear on the site - hosted here: The intension is to reflect changes in this document on the prototype site.

Discussion of the model should take place on the Architypes public mailing list.

Premise behind Model

The intension is to create an extension to the vocabulary, wherever possible reusing terms already in the vocabulary. Only extending where necessary to describe archive associated information that can not be described within the currently available term set. The intension is to be able to describe archive associated resources in a way that will make them visible on the web and aid their discovery. It is not the intension to create a vocabulary capable of supporting the internal processes of those that manage archives, or to replace any of the established vocabularies and ontologies created for that purpose.

Basic Model

This diagram shows the basic relationship between the proposed main, archive specific, types plus relevant Schema types in the model. This is not a comprehensive diagram, for full details of the types and properties see below.

Archive Model Overview

Core Types


Institution with archival holdings. An organization which keeps and preserves archival material and makes it accessible.

A subtype of LocalBusiness - a combination of Organization and Place - providing the attributes to describe, when appropriate, the physical and/or organizational presence responsible for an ArchivalCollection.

Propose an update to the description of LocalBusiness to de-comercialize it a little: "... businesses may also be not-for-profit or state-owned"


The collection/grouping/assemblage of archived items. Descriptive properties reference the collection as a whole.


By applying ArchivedItem, as an additionalType, to the description of a resource the attributes of being part of an ArchiveCollection can be represented.


Existing Schema Type, extended with an ownershipType property to clarify the form of 'ownership'.


@prefix schema: <>.

#An Archive (Organization)
  a schema:Archive;
  schema:name "The Example Archive";
  schema:address "The Old Archive, City Square, Anytown";
  schema:email "";
  schema:owns [
                          a schema:OwnershipInfo;
                          schema:ownedFrom "1957";
                          schema:typeOfGood <>;
                          schema:ownershipType schema:HasCustodyOwnership.

#An ArchiveCollection
   a schema:ArchiveCollection;
   schema:name "The Boolean Papers Collection:;
   schema:creator "Sir Binary Boolean";
   schema:accessAndUse "Public view, in archive location, no image reproductions";
   schema:itemLocation <>.

#An item in an an archive collection
   a schema:Document, schema:ArchivedItem ;
   schema:name "Thing One - A Thought Map";
   schema:author  "Sir Binary Boolean";
   schema:isPartOf <>;
   schema:itemCondition schema:NewCondition;
   schema:itemProvenance [
                          a schema:OwnershipInfo;
                          schema:ownedFrom "1957";
                          schema:ownedBy <>;
                          schema:ownershipType schema:HasCustodyOwnership.
   schema:itemProvenance [
                          a schema:OwnershipInfo;
                          schema:ownedFrom "1922";
                          schema:ownedBy "Sir Binary Boolean";
                          schema:ownershipType schema:HoldsTitleOwnership.