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This wiki is divided into several areas to help us share, track, and organize our thoughts, proposals, and examples for extending to effectively represent archives and their contents.

Proposal Discussions

Historical Proposals

Proposals are roughly separated areas of description, each with potential proposals.

  • Archives Collections
Is Collectionin sufficient, or do we need a subtype for an ArchiveCollection? Collections in is "A created collection of Creative Works or other artefacts", It may be inappropriate because the institutions (archives) produces and receives documents/records but no tipically collect. More than a subtype of "Collection". Perhaps a new type in "CreativeWork" to distinguish it from the rest.
Proposed names for this new subtype of Collection:
    • ArchiveCollection - Current proposal
    • ArchivesCollection - (Archives being singular)
    • ArchivalCollection
  • Archive the organizations, buildings, departments, etc.
    • (Coopting the proposal for an Archive LocalBusiness subtype by Dan Scott) In essence a simple subtype of LocalBusiness as per Library.
    • As per thread in github issues:
      • Archive to be new subtype of LocalBusiness - as per Library
      • Description: "Institution with archival holdings. An Archive, or Archives, is an organization which keeps and preserves archival material and potentially makes it accessible to the public."
      • Propose change to LocalBusiness description to include: "businesses may also be not-for-profit or state-owned"
  • Physical location of items in a collection (including digital storage)
  • Description of items
    • Relationships between items by subject, related persons, etc.
    • Potential properties needed to describe an item in an collection
  • Item types found in collections
Candidates could include:
  • Letter
  • Manuscript
  • Diary
  • Document could be a super-type for other documentish things

Proposal Submissions