Potential properties

From Schema Architypes Community Group

In archives we find all types of things from creative works such as books, letters, artworks, videos, web pages etc., to furniture, personal items, vehicles, fossils, rocks and of course the favourite box of things yet to be identified. From what I understand there are certain common categories of things such as physical creative works, digital creative works, physical containers of things identified or not, but it would be far too limiting to build our recommendations around these. The result is that we need to be able to describe anything that could be found in an archive which means anything!.

Fortunately in our world all these things have one aspect in common - they are in archives.

If we can establish a set of descriptive properties that would be of use in describing an item's place and role in an archive, we can then look to some, schema.org, techniques to apply them alongside other properties that are already available in the Schema vocabulary.

We could look to already existent standards, CIDOC-CRM or ISAD(G) for example, as a sources of inspiration.

Properties for discussion:

Propert(ies) Description Inspiration Comment In/Out
isPartOf a reference to the collection a thing is in Schema.org In
condition state of preservation of an item CIDOC-CRM
containedIn box or digital file containing the item Schema.org
CurationEvent a curation event Type - linking where when and by who Schema.org
curated a reference to a CurationEvent Schema.org, CIDOC-CRM
location of item, not necessarily the collection location Schema.org
creation info on creator, dates and circumstances of creation ISAD(G) If the item is a CreativeWork much of this should already be available in Schema
accessConditions info on conditions governing access & use ISAD(G)
description control info on the description process, including authors, dates, methods ISAD(G) May well be better handled by linking to description(s) - a CreativeWork in its own right