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The Augmented Web leaps forward and the year has only just started

I hope you had a great break over the holiday period.  You’ll notice that at the beginning of the year the group page was updated with the new charter and now we’re all set for 2013.

It’s great to see that the Augmented Web has taken some great leaps forward with WebRTC now supported on Chrome, Firefox and Opera on the desktop as well as by Opera on Android and Bowser on iOS.  WebGL is also making good progress with coverage of almost every platform except for iOS now.  There is also good progress being made to enable Web Workers to process Canvas elements too.

However, the debate about device enumeration and fingerprinting continues to be a major quagmire.

There is also good progress being made by the Web3D community in refining their AR extensions to the X3D specification.  It’s interesting to review the comparison of their previous proposals.

And today the ISO SC24 WG9 starts a workshop to refine their Augmented Reality Continuum Reference Model – which is where I am right now.

So the momentum continues and expect to see a lot more interesting examples and demos as more people start to realise the power the Augmented Web is unleashing.

One Response to The Augmented Web leaps forward and the year has only just started

  • Hi Rob.
    I’m having hard time to understand few things about AR and it looks like you have vast knowledge on the topic.
    Can we speak through Skype or phone?
    that will be very helpful
    Thank you


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