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CSS Multiple-column Layout Level 1 updated Working Draft

By Rachel Andrew October 15, 2019 (Permalink)
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Today I have published a new Working Draft of CSS Multiple-column Layout Level 1. This WD includes a number of changes and clarifications based on discussion and resolutions made since the last publication in May 2018.

Significant updates

You can find the significant changes from the May 2018 draft in the changes section of the draft. In particular I would appreciate a review of the changes to the section, The Multi-column Model. This section has undergone a significant rewrite, based on input from Morten Stenshorne and help from fantasai.

Additional changes include:

What’s next for multicol?

Over the past year I have begun sorting through the test suite for the specification, and inlining the tests in the specification. I intend to continue this work, with the aim of creating a complete test suite for multicol before taking it back to CR.

We have an outstanding issue (4036) about the behavior of the column-fill property, and whether it should behave in the same way in continuous media such as a web page, and paged media such as a printed webpage or book. I would appreciate comments on that issue.

Please review the specification and raise any additional issues on GitHub prefixing your issue title with [css-multicol].

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