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CSS Multi-column Layout Level 1 republished as a Working Draft

By Rachel Andrew October 5, 2017 (Permalink)
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The CSS Working Group has published an update to CSS Multi-column Layout Level 1 as a Working Draft. The Group resolved to republish as a Working Draft rather than a Candidate Recommendation due to the large number of changes made to the specification since the last publication of the Candidate Recommendation on 12th April 2011, and the backlog of outstanding issues still to resolve.

Changes since the 2011 Candidate Recommendation

A list of significant changes made to the specification can be found in the Changes section of the Working Draft. Summarized below are some notable changes.

Next steps

I became co-editor of the specification at the CSS Working Group meeting in Paris in August 2017, and am keen to maintain momentum with this work so we can get the outstanding issues in Level 1 resolved. My intention as an editor is to work through the outstanding issues, and also to ensure that the test suite is brought up to date.

I’m aware that the interoperability issues in Multi-column Layout have been a source of frustration to those trying to work with it, I hope that reviving work on the specification will be the first step in improving that situation.

Send your feedback!

I would love to hear from web developers, and those working with multicol for EPUB and print output, in addition to people implementing the specification in User Agents. In particular I am keen to clarify anything where differing interpretations of the specification have caused interoperability problems.

The existing issues are listed on GitHub, and this would be the preferred way to send feedback on the specification. If you have thoughts on an existing issue please add a comment. If you have a new Multi-column related thought or have spotted a problem in the specification, please raise a new issue. I’m very happy to help figure out if an issue is with the User Agent, with this spec or another spec, so please raise an issue even if you are unsure where the problem originates. If you cannot post to GitHub for some reason then posting to www-style with the spec code [css-multicol] is an option and I will copy the issue over to GitHub.

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