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Minutes Tokyo F2F June 2013 Part IV: Priorities, Grid Layout, Alignment, Stacking Contexts, Backporting Policy

By fantasai July 3, 2013 (Permalink)
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CSSWG Priorities

Philippe Le Hégaret, W3C’s Interaction Domain Leader, presented on the metrics W3C Management (W3M) has about the CSSWG’s progress over the past charter period. Discussed what was accomplished and whether that fits with the CSSWG’s own interests and priorities.

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CSS Grid Layout

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Tab and fantasai presented the new CSS Box Alignment draft, explaining changes in design and details since the earlier FPWD.

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Stacking Contexts

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Backporting Policy

Principle: A change to a CSS3 spec that would make all CSS 2.1-compliant UAs incompliant needs to be backported to CSS2.1.

Note: If it would break content, we shouldn’t be making the change.

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