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New Working Drafts of CSS Transitions and CSS Animations

By David Baron April 3, 2012 (Permalink)
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The CSS Working Group has published updated Working Drafts of CSS Transitions and CSS Animations.

CSS Transitions allows specifying that certain CSS property changes that would happen anyway will animate over time rather than taking place instantly. CSS Animations allows authors to animate the values of CSS properties over time, using keyframes. (CSS Animations allows authors to cause changes, in contrast to CSS Transitions, which only allows animating changes that are otherwise happening.)

These drafts update the copies on the Technical Reports (TR) page with the various changes made to the Editor’s Drafts of these specifications over the past few years.  These specifications are becoming more stable and we hope to advance them to Last Call relatively soon.  Transitions in particular has only a small number of remaining open issues (though some of those issues are complex).

As always, please send feedback to www-style with the spec shortname ([css3-transitions] or [css3-animations]) and your comment topic in the subject line.

Changes since the previous drafts

The changes since the previous drafts of these specification include the following changes. For the full list of changes see the version control log for transitions or for animations.

Changes to both specifications

Changes to CSS Transitions

Changes to CSS Animations

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